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© 2017 Wanita KaNgcobo (PTY) Ltd

We believe strong individuals make strong teams. We strive to become an indispensable brand.




Wanita KaNgcobo aims to continue to uplift the community of Inanda, as the brand continues to strive in success in the fashion industry. By providing more job opportunities in the fashion industry. In its quest to be one of the best in the field, Wanita KaNgcobo engages in continuous training of its staff to keep abreast of developments in the industry and to ensure that the high standards of excellence that the company set for itself are not compromised. Wanita KaNgcobo subscribes to values of integrity, superior customer service and affordable rates.


Developing and promoting fashion and culture in the community of Inanda, and mainstreaming its role in social development. Developing and promoting the previously marginalized people and enhancing the fashion and culture diversity of the Province.













We are currently renovating another building into a major factory and studio space, so we can produce more quality garments, and employ more people around the area to make sure this brand reaches its goal in becoming one of the top fashion brands in the country and in Africa, with all our products locally made.


The company plans to get to a stage whereby they locally manufacturer its own fabrics and embellishments, for their ranges and collections. This is one project that will take time, passion and investing a lot of research to make it a success.



•   Create awareness and understanding of different African cultural backgrounds and beadwork on the continent, by providing a platform for development of artistic skills for self-sustainability.

•   Provision of training and facilities for moral development through fashion and beadwork participation initiatives which include youth and women.

•   Improve service delivery through promotion, training and professional support.

•   ComMuniity empowerment.

•   Developed human capacities.

•   Efficient administrative systems.

•   Satisified client base.

•   Self-sustainability and enriched quality of life and brand.

Good innovative design/fashion through efficiency, transparency and accountability.

Mission! Values! Vision! Key Objectives!