This all began as Wanita Kouture soon after the head designer

Ms. Wandile Mandy Ngcobo graduated from Linea Academy in

2008 with a BA Degree in Fashion Design. After numerous

attempts of applying for work in the fashion industry, always

landing interviews and being shortlisted to the last two, and not

succeeding in landing the job due to lack of work experience.

Ms. Ngcobo, saw this as a sign to start her own label, which she

then called Wanita Kouture, in thinking it was a good name at that


Only making garments per order per client, and doing her

designing part time and rather working as a project director and

event coordinator for a family business. Ms. Ngcobo realized only

6 years that she had managed to put her passion and dreams

literally in second place. Fast track now in 2015, Ms. Ngcobo

revisted the branding department of her brand, she was fortunate enough to be advised by a man in the fashion industry who is influential and well-respected to drop the 'Kouture' regardless of spelling, cause this would limit her as a brand to a specific market and/or designer acceptance as a serious brand at national or international platform. Ms. Ngcobo was advised to use her names/initials, so she could be her own brand "Live it! Own it!".

So we proudly introduce to you 'Wanita KaNgcobo' a brand that totally embodies what the designer is all about, very modern classic, cuts with a touch of African embellishments. Producing high quality garments for a woman who is not too shy to be sexy yet sophisticated, a woman who is bold and proud, a woman who loves comfort and elegance.

The name 'Wanita KaNgcobo' is of the head designer's name Ms. Wandile Mandy Wanita Ngcobo, the name 'Wanita' means 'woman' in Malaysian, and 'KaNgcobo' is from the young designer's surname Ngcobo. The brand is designed for a woman who likes being in the forefront of fashion. A woman who embodies the following: sophistication; culturally rooted; stylish, appreciates handwork, loves quality and comfort, and enjoys the classic side of fashion.

Wanita KaNgcobo has a dynamic, creative, innovative, vibrant and dedicated team; it is no wonder that this team has been

able to brainstorm ideas, formulate concepts and deliver results of good quality garments and efficiency. The design studio is

based in Inanda, and has employs women employed to work hand in hand with the head designer, are women who understand

the authentic of cultural beadwork, more so the Zulu beadwork symbolism. To familiarize themselves with the specific look and collection we plan to produce, they are trained and do research of the inspiration together with the head designer. The training implemented in order for them to develop in depth understanding of our clients' requirements. Wanita KaNgcobo has a very vibrant and energetic team, whose only aim is to provide the highest quality representation of the brand.

Wanita KaNgcobo builds their clients relationships for the long term, constantly endeavoring to have the best, innovative, most consistent designs. As a young black woman-own brand we are a close knit family working together at all times, in order for our ideas and deliverance to synchronize together for the best results, so it's no wonder clients keep coming back for our professional service delivery.

Wanita KaNgcobo is a brand which is strongly influenced by the rich cultures mother Africa has to provide, our silhouettes are keeping with the trends, but more so very classic cuts, with a lot of embellishments compromising mostly of African beadwork, with a touch of norm (i.e. crystals, pearls, sequins etc.). The brand refrains from using African printed fabrics, however bringing rich fabrics such as; raw silk, lace, Italian chiffon, Italian satin, duchess satin, Italian georgette, velvet, tulle, illusion, suiting fabric, jersey knit, suede and leather with our signature embellishments in significant areas of the garments such as the hem, cuffs, shoulders and necklines.